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Collection Jo.Vaillancourt from Fun-Max ® THE POWER GAME (# 507) LEVEL 3: WE PLAY ! .Training method of the games .Skill and dexterity Skill, colours and numbers THE POWER GAME is a skill game that requires the knowledge of numbers and colours. The game consists in 4 columns (red, blue, green and yellow). 4 series of coloured coins and of a white play board that is used to keep the columns in place. This game is easy and pleasant for the birds that have succeeded in the preceding levels. It is similar to the game that consists in putting coins in a bank. The aim of the game is to fill the columns with coins of identical colour. THE POWER GAME offers two possibilities: - Colours - Colours and numbers. From now on in the subsequent games, you probably will not have to go through the TEACH BOX (# 501) steps, because the bird knows the COMMAND well: “Put”, but you will have to start with giving yourself the command in front of the bird before asking it to execute the game. Once again, we will go step by step, one colour at the time.

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משחק הכח 507

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